Sunday, December 19, 2010

Online Store Coming Soon!

Aren't you stoked, the wheels are in motion for the online store to be up in running!! And is expected to be fully running by about march so fingers crossed then you can shop, get updates, and find out what's happening all from your computer or iphone :) Also Georgia Reihana-Wilson is the new face of Lopsey Boutique 2011 Womens Range x Stay posted for her gorgeous pics with the Womens Basic Range!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Range is so damn cute!!

 These are just to damn adorable, imagine them on little one piece rompers yay, hot babies everywhere :)
Young baby cakes and man cake sucking on there pacifiers looks like young love heart.
Baby Pipe Smoking Pandy is enjoying the bubble pipe in his organic cloth nappy, very grey lynn!

Owley Owl with Baby Babe in Pouchy Pouch aint it just the cutest thaanng.

Meet the badass cast of the Mens Range :)

Below are the cast for the mens basic range coming out early in the new year. They are all badass versions of the female range. Also am on the look out for a male model for an upcoming photoshoot so if you know anyone who would rock these or your keen let me know!
This is Pipe Smoking Pandy in masculine form, this badass panda leaves us all to wonder what is actually in his pipe.

 This is MAN CAKE or a manly cupcake. He's sort of james dean inspired rocking his circley sunnies and ciggy.
This is manly man owley owl and yes he is packing! armed for the streets and the bbq, if his gun ever fails he can slap people silly with his spatula.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NO GST for ME!!

Am offish now registered with ird and everything, so part of my electricity, internet, petrol and phone bill and also any other 'business expense' will be payed back to me!! yay I think I am now starting to sway with John Key, but only kinda :)

Mens and Baby Range have completed drafting process

The Mens and Babys Basics range have been drawn and I have high hopes for them both!! As soon as the cashflow picks up they will be sent to get printed on mens oversized singlet and baby romper one pieces, perfect for summer!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

meet owley..

Owley is perhaps the most distinguished of all the characters with his big beady eyes following you, the owley womens singlets sold like hot cakes at the Bunny House Art Sale saturday just passed and will continue to be sold at Auckland City Market for $25. A feature of owley unlike most owls is his kangaroo like pouch. The series of drawings 'The Pouchy Pouch of an Owley Owl' are under way so keep an eye out!

meet pipe smoking pandy..

.. the second character to date is Pipe Smoking Pandy also featuring on a womens singlet for sale $25. A series of drawings for pipe smoking pandy is also coming out which was inspired from a conversation of my older cousins vina, july and jo about the origins of the panda and just what is in the pipe these drawings will be called 'The Metamorphosis of Pipe Smoking Pandy'.

meet baby cakes..

.. baby cakes is one of the first three characters of the Lopsey Boutique range, she features on the womens singlets on sale for $25 at my stall at the Auckland City Markets. Stay tuned to find out more about the series of drawings 'Trials and Tribulations of Baby Cakes Love Life'.

Bunny House Art Sale

Just a few images of Lopsey Boutique stock at the Bunny House Art Sale at Osborne Street Bar and Kitchen,  to find out more about the bunny house artists, check out the blog

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bunny house art collective didn't have the most successful day, being seeing all the artists together and all our art in one room looked really good!! so happy with everyone.. A big thank you to all the artists kama, whitney, waiks, weka and devon who couldn't be there, also to the parents who helped set up and dealt with all our mess and creative stress and also to Osborne Street Bar for being so accommodating today!! x

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Owl black and white drawing.

Black and White Owl drawing, ink on paper

Haven't painted in too long!

I haven't painted in wayy too long but heres a piece thats finally finished a painterly take on japanese style tattooing slash pretty things slash illustrative drawings slash henna slash folky designs. Hope you like!

Monday, November 22, 2010

a new black and white drawing :)

the newest black and white drawing, a mixture of polynesian patterns with cutesy tattoo conventions :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'hers cakey' singlet

black on white hers cakey and white on black hers cakey
design close up

'hers pandey' singlet

black on white hers pandy and white on black hers pandy

design close up

'hers owley' singlet

The singlets arrived today from the printers in wellington, and my creative empire is starting to be built. Come buy these babies from the bunnyhouse art sale :) 

black on white hers owley and white on black owley
design close up

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

new black and white drawings :)

Finished two new black and white drawings for sale at the bunny house art sale coming up in just a few weeks!
Eley black and white - Ink on Paper

Koi black and white - Ink on paper

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Running Stitch Owl Crop Top/Singlets

.. my hand stitched owl crop top singlets to sell at my the bunnyhouse artsale , I'm not a sewer but am pretty stocked with me efforts here!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

christmas deco prototypes

What do you think of these little babies?? hand drawn, hand sewn limited edition christmas decos. Not the final idea but you get the gist.

My new little thing.. 'Lopsey Boutique' pretty much the names a little play on how everyone mispronounces my last name and from it I have a created a 'personal creative' identity from which I make various artsy thingys and when I graduate from elam it will be the name of my little boutique store!! exciting huh also check out

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