Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Animal and environmentally friendly.

Last friday I went to 'Rosie's' which is a primo op shop in Glen Eden. In the racks I noticed a sweet coral jacket, as I pulled it out I realised it was suede. I brought it, couldn't resist, only $10. I pulled it out when I got home looked at the tag and noticed it was lamb suede, so not only had I brought animal skin to put around my skin but baby animal skin. I wore it on Saturday night and felt incredibly uncomfortable.

In the Lopsey upcoming collection I was thinking about the inclusion of leather. I couldn't bring myself to go to the leather outlet though. The thought of putting out a collection which used leather kind of made me sick. Lets just be clear, I'm not a vegetarian or vegan but the thought of supporting a industry of using animal's for aesthetics was a bit too much.

After a lot of thought about what Lopsey is and how we want to use the platform we've established, we've come to conclusion that we are dedicating ourselves to being environmentally and animal friendly. There are so many amazing fabrics in the world, I think the stance will make us only more awesome.

Announcing it isn't us trying to buy into a new market or anything, it's more about the commitment you enter into when something is announced.

Yay for the animals. Be happy.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Studio Cleanup

Cleaned up studio/workroom space :) My nice clean rack decked out with 'Revolt of the Cool Cat' on wooden hangers - the best!
The styling closet all nicely organised with Tees folded on top. 

Before and After
It doesn't look all that extreme like I was secretly hoping (not to sure what I was hoping) but I think it looks good. One conclusion though is that I need a new space. Soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fashion Friends - 6x4

 Introducing 6x4..

A friend of mine, Steven starting making clothes as a part of his semesters work at Elam. There was some deep metaphorical reason, that I can't remember...

Any way he's awesome and so his new label 6x4.

6x4 is sold at Luck House on High Street, so stop by and pick you up some goodies. I'm pretty sure that he's also prepares to make custom things if you ask him nice enough. But get in snappy before he goes to New York in August.

Also check 6x4 on facebook here  chuck him a like while there too and keep updated.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exams Are Over Sale

My exams are over and I want to share how happy I am about with everyone. So in extending the cheer we at Lopsey are having an 'Exams Are Over Sale' with a good looking 20% off EVERYTHING.

At this stage the sale is only on for one week, so get in quick. Buy anything from our online store at www.lopseyboutique.com and enter the discount code 'EXAMSAREOVER' to redeem your 20% off.

Happy shopping.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer is upon us.

We have been super slack on the social media for the past few months, as uni and life consumed us into a dark whole, but we're out and looking forward to new Lopsey.

Although weather is shit in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand right now, we're planning our summer collection.
I don't have too much to share at the moment because it's all pretty tightly sealed but just know that it'll be awesome.

Here's a very sneak peak of what to expect.

Happy living.

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