Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aaron turned the big 21 :) x

So we're all getting into the nitty gritty atm, which is why the blog has been a bit neglected. Me and devon are balancing uni with our creative endeavours, georgia and lucy are working gals (if you need any MAC products visit Lucy at St Lukes, she knows her stuff) and Aaron is also amoung the work force whilst tryna get out his designs for our next male line. Excited to see what he brings to the Lopsey aesthetic!

But nonetheless we are all still hanging out and sending out our creative vibes through eachother. A couple of weekends ago we all gathered to celebrate Aaron and his beut sister Haleys 21st. Had an awesome time and was slightly jealous when I found out they were Squirt. I always wanted to be one of those kids :(

My Lopsey Family - Georgia, Lana (me), Aaron, Lucy, Devon

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