Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wanderlust-ing all the way into winter.

It's been 2 months since Lopsey ventured over to Mexico. It was one of the most fun and worth while experiences. While I will be honest and say me and Georgia had a lot of crazy times we also learnt a lot about the cultures over there.

Second to being goof balls we spent hours people watching. Especially in the big progressive towns like Mexico City with a population of something like 20 million it wasn't hard to find some amazing fashionistas as well as amazing shops, malls and markets. 

Spending two months overseas makes it incredibly hard to readjust to normal life (don't know how our friends at Devon Hanna Photography does it!). But being home for so long, I finally feel as though my jet lag has worn off, or maybe it was wanderlust. Whatever it was, we are now ready to crack into winter. We are underway with the manufacturing of the new collection and even have a young jewellery designer John Tanuvasa who had approached us wanting to design jewellry along side this collection. Exciting stuff!!

We are happy, excited and ready to come back with vengence. 

Lana and the team at Lopsey :) 

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