Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 NEW ranges to be released by the end of JULY

Am running round like a headless chicken trying to prepare for mid-late july when we release three new ranges! Men's and Women's Summer Range, is something to get really excited about. We've stepped up our game and have some exciting pieces coming out. It will be also be the first time we see what Aaron Nuualiitia has in store for us, which we have high expectations about since he's over in San Diego getting all inspired (good luck prestige!)

We will also see the introduction of Lopsey Homewares yay! If you liked the feel of your velvet sweater? wait till you feel our velvet cushions and mini blankets..

Here's a brief sneakpeak (excuse the shabby photography, thats why we generally hire a professional, ahhh devon :)!)

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