Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LB says HI

Black and White Owley Owl, during our card photoshoot!
So I earlier said 3 new ranges by late July. There will definately be 3, but they will be different to what we originally entaled. With Aaron dancing his way around the states, and just to be on the safe side, we're pushing the release of our mens and womens Summer ranges back to September. Which only means we have longer to perfect it, yay!

So instead of releasing these our new ranges will be 'Homewares', of which you've had a sneak peak, 'Nana Lopsey', this includes the blanketed gonks, hottie covers and bags. Might I add she is busy sewing up a storm to keep up with demand! And the last was an unexpected venture, 'LB says HI'.

'LB says HI' is a range of hand made one off greeting cards, which shall keep on replenishing themselves. Here we take the best the of the 'lopsey boutique aesthetic' and put pen to paper. These are available now on our online store, or in person this Saturday at Cassette Super Market :)

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